Monday, January 28, 2013

Chapter 12 Questionaire

12.1 Questionnaire

Fast Food Restaurant in Malaysia

Dear Participants, Hi, I am a student from Multimedia University (MMU), Bachelor of Creative Multimedia, and Advertising Design. Currently, I am conducting a survey for my final year project. Kindly complete the following questionnaire form; all the input and feedback on this study are highly appreciated and much needed for my research. The information gathered will be kept private and confidential. Thank you for your co-operation and contribution by spending your precious time in filling up this questionnaire. * Required

Question 1: What is your gender?
o Male

o Female

Question 2: What is your age group?

o 18-22

o 23-27

o 28-32

o 32 and above

Question 3: What is your race?

o Chinese

o Malay

o Indian

o Others

Question 4: How much is your income/ salary per month?

o Below Rm500

o Rm500-Rm1500

o Rm1500-Rm2500

o Rm2500 and above

Question 5: How often do you visit to fast food restaurant?

o Everyday

o 2-3 times a week

o 4-5 times a week

o Once a month

o Never

Question 6: Which fast food restaurant normally you visit to?

o McDonald’s

o A&W

o Pizza Hut


o Subway

o Burger King

o Popeyes

Question 7: Why you prefer that? (Refer back to Question 6)

o Variety choices of food

o Their services

o Promotion & cheaper (Example: value lunch)

o Faster and convenience

o Their environment (air conditioner)

o No reason

Question 8: Are you aware of A&W?

o Yes

o No

Question 9: Do you remember A&W logo?

o Yes

o No

o Not Sure

Question 10: How you rate for A&W food?

Question 11: What is your favourite food in A&W?

o Onion Rings

o Burgers

o Root Beer Float

o Hotdogs

o Waffle

o Ice Cream

o Fried Chicken

o French fries

o Others

Question 12: How long have you been to A&W since last visit?

o This week

o Last week

o Within this month

o Within 3 month ago

o Never been to A&W

Question 13: What issue do you think that is stopping you from going to A&W?

o Forget their existence

o Bad services

o Dislike their food menu

o Strong competitors

o Lack of advertising

o Expensive

o Others

Question 14: Are you aware of your preferable fast food restaurant promotional? (Example: value lunch or value dinner?)

o Yes

o No

Question 15: How did you notice about that?

o Follow their Facebook/ Twitter updates

o Newspapers, magazines, flyer and etc

o Radio advertisement

o Tv advertisement

o Heard from friends and family

o Others

Question 16: Will you prefer the fast food restaurant to provide Delivery/ Drive thru services for you?
o Yes

o No

Question 17: Why? (Refer back to Question 17)  

Question 18: Do you know where is the nearest A&W to your house/ working area?

o Yes

o No

Question 19: What is your comment about A&W?